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Specialist Supplements in Australia for quality superfoods and supplementsYou may not have known this, but keeping your diet primarily alkaline rather than acidic is a much healthier alternative and can add years to your life.

The food and drinks that we consume are either acid- or alkali-forming, which means that on combustion they produce an end-product that is either an acid or alkaline ash.

Tens of millions of people around the world consume caffeine (coffee, tea) or so-called "energy drinks" by the litre each week, despite the known dangers of such products. If you want to boost your energy naturally and safely, stick to an alkaline diet.

That is one composed primarily of alkaline-forming foods like figs, molasses, green, leafy veggies, almonds, chestnuts, beets, carrots, beetroot, dates, celery, cantaloupe and parsley.

"In addition to eating these foods, taking one teaspoon of a greens powder every morning mixed into juice or a smoothie can also raise energy" levels

Alkalising supplements made by our brand manufactuers Specialist Supplements UK Ltd offer a range of alkalising food products and supplements to support correct and healthy pH levels in the body. If you feel too acidic after over-indulging in alcohol, caffeine, dairy, meat products and other acid-forming foods and drinks, give our Specialist Supplements products a try.