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COL Cleanse A version 2
Active herbal colon cleanser with goldenseal, new improved formula
The colon’s main role in digestion is to extract water from the waste materials travelling though it.
A fully functioning, healthy colon will usually rid the body of waste two to three times per day, depending on the number of meals eaten. It will also carry out the vital function of promptly discharging harmful toxins and other waste materials from the body which, if allowed to remain, would give rise to a variety of health problems, including self-poisoning (through re-absorption of toxins and bacteria into the bloodstream) and digestive system disorders.

COL-Clear A version 2, a well-known herbal colon cleanser combination, is used extensively by many detox retreats, natural health therapists and colon hydrotherapists, in combination with colonic hydrotherapy sessions.

It contains only natural herbal ingredients and can be combined with our other digestive system support products, such as probiotcs and digestive enzymes.It can also be alternated with COL-Clear Version B.

A combination of herbal ingredients traditionally used for their ability to support intestinal cleansing and digestive transit - pure inside and out!
Colon cleansers
Herbal and magnesium peroxide based colon cleansers for healthy bowels and a clean colon - a natural solution for body waste cleanse!

100 vegetable cellulose capsules per pot
  • Cascara bark - 120mg
  • Vegetable cellulose capsule - 110mg
  • Barberry bark root - 60mg
  • Cayenne - 60mg
  • Dandelion root - 60mg
  • Fennel - 60mg
  • Ginger root - 60mg
  • Goldenseal root - 60mg
  • Raspberry leaf - 60mg
  • Rhubarb root - 60mg
  • Features
    • Fast-acting herbal colon cleanser
    • Contains goldenseal herb
    • Used by colonic hydrotherapists before, during and after treatments
    • Based on a famous bowel support formulation by American master herbalist, Dr John R. Christopher
    COL Clear Version A Herbal colon cleanse support (with goldenseal)
    Colon Clear Version A a Herbal colon cleanse support (with goldenseal)   FREE Shipping
    COL Clear A version 2
    100 Veggie CapsulesActive herbal colon cleanser (with goldenseal)

    Take 1 - 2 capsules, 1 - 3 times per day with food or as advised by your health practitioner.

    Not to be taken during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

    NOTE: Herbal colon cleansers should be used in conjunction with improved eating habits, increased water intake and a sensible exercise regime.

    New improved formula
    Price: $54.50
    COL Clear B
    100 Veggie Capsules
    Active herbal colon cleanser (without goldenseal)

    Take 1 - 2 capsules, 1 - 3 times per day with food or as advised by your health practitioner.

    Not to be taken during pregnancy or breast-feeding
    NOTE: Herbal colon cleansers are to be used in conjunction with improved dietary habits, increased water intake and a sensible exercise regime.
    Price: $54.50
    More about cleansing and detoxification...

    We are exposed to more chemicals, toxins and rapidly spread infections than ever before, in our air, water and food. This can place a major strain on the detoxification systems of the body, which include the liver, kidneys, bowels, lymphatic system, spleen, lungs and skin. In an ideal world, these systems would work together to rid our bodies of the toxins produced within, as a by-product of metabolism, and the toxins that have entered our body from the outside world. However, in many cases, pollution, toxins, stress and a less than perfect diet can all lead to nutritional deficiencies, placing a greater load on our body's detoxification abilities.

    Over time, our body's ability to rid itself of toxins becomes poorer and the toxins can start to accumulate in our tissues. This places a strain on our immune system. An accumulation of toxins can therefore be detrimental to our health. For example, if you have a fatty liver, where the liver's filter is overloaded with fat, bacteria and toxins, it will struggle to cleanse the blood stream efficiently. Similarly, many drugs and evironmental toxins overwork the natural detoxification pathways and filtering mechanisms in the liver and kidneys. The answer to reducing our toxic load can lie in undertaking regular full body cleansing and detoxification programmes.

    Support your body’s detoxification processes and immune system - pure inside and out!.